Whether you're a budding word builder, a progressing grammar whiz or a language maestro, the MagnaJoy™ Complete Kits are suitable for learners of all ages and language proficiencies. 

Begin your exciting English language journey by creating basic sentences and learning common words in MagnaJoy™ Level 1; then make your way to MagnaJoy™ Level 2, where you can practise more complex grammar rules. Finally, top it off with MagnaJoy™ Level 3, where you can test your creativity and English know-how with more challenging and complex vocabulary!

Each complete kit comes with hundreds of level-appropriate and colour-coded words to help you master the basic rules of English sentence structure. 

Can't find a word you need? Then, that's what the magnetic easel board and marker pen are for! Stick your words onto the board and complete your sentence or question by writing the words in. 

Let MagnaJoy™ be your companion through your English learning experience! Contact us at enquiry@pivotplay.co for bulk purchase discounts

MagnaJoy™ Levels 1-3 Complete Kits

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