• PivotPlay | Fun & Engaging
    PivotPlay | Fun & Engaging

    Fun & Engaging

    Build language skills through hands-on play

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  • PivotPlay | Multilevel
    PivotPlay | Multilevel


    Support various proficiency levels

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  • PivotPlay | Individual or Group Play
    PivotPlay | Individual or Group Play

    Individual or Group Play

    Encourage linguistic development through colour-coded tiles and labels

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  • PivotPlay | Convenient & Mess-Free
    PivotPlay | Convenient & Mess-Free

    Convenient & Mess-Free

    Create even more sentences and stories with the magnetic easel board

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  • PivotPlay | Endless Hours of Play
    PivotPlay | Endless Hours of Play

    Endless Hours of Play

    Limited only by your creativity

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  • PivotPlay | Open-Ended Inquiry
    PivotPlay | Open-Ended Inquiry

    Open-Ended Inquiry

    Bespoke design to inculcate the love for language

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Interactive, Hands-On Learning

Introducing the new MagnaJoy™ Collection: Enriching language skills through colour-coded magnetic word play.

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PivotPlay |
  • Testimonial 1: Alexa Williams

    "My 7 year-old daughter loves playing with this! I bought the Level 1 set, and It's really helped build her vocabulary as we look up new words in the dictionary together. The colours on the word tiles and labels help her figure out what type of word it is, so that she can create new sentences properly on her own".

  • Testimonial 2: Susan Lee

    "I'm an English teacher and I've bought all the different sets for my students. It's very easy for the beginner learners to match the type of word to their label and to figure out its placing in a sentence. The more advanced learners don't need the labels as much, but they still have fun creating longer and more complex sentences!"

  • Testimonial 3: Amelia Loh

    "This is definitely a fun and productive alternative to the screen! My kids love making up new sentences, paragraphs and even short stories with the words".

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